No. AN No. Effective date Description General
1 AN-0036_V1.0 2011/6/13 TR4PRC10A-Writer and Handler connection notice Login Download
2 AN-0037_V1.0 2011/9/9 TR4P153A Software Edit Notice Login Download
3 AN-0038_V1.3 2013/5/8 TR4P153A compare with TR4P153B Login Download
4 AN-0056_V1.0 2013/12/27 TR4P27x / 28x application note Login Download
5 AN-0061_V1.0 2015/1/16 TR4P151, 4P153, 4P271, All DSP series LVR notice in halt mode_V1.0 Login Download
6 AN-0079_V1.0 2017/10/16 TR4PL486 X'tal Mode Login Download
7 AN-0080_V1.0 2018/5/21 TR4P150AF compare with TR4P151AF&TR4P150DA compare with TR4P151DA application note Login Download
8 AN-0081_V1.1 2018/5/21 TR4P271AE compare with TR4P291A application note Login Download
9 AN-0084_V1.0 2018/12/10 TR4P185A application note Login Download
10 AN-0085_V1.0 2019/05/06 AD024 Application note Login Download
11 AN-0087_V1.0 2019/12/2 AD026 Application note Login Download